The Homemaker's Pledge is the decision to own our place as co-creators of the world, through our everyday economic involvement. Unconscious-consumerism causes problems. To direct our nation toward health, we pick up our power to choose.

I Pledge:
To meet needs without destructive by-products.

There are two parts to the pledge. Reducing destructive spending is not the entire goal. Meeting human need well (without destructive by products) is the entire goal. There are plenty of ways to state the pledge. 

I Pledge:
To create a set of food routines 
that are benevolent and benign. 

To establish an economy that does not deplete the source.
To reduce and stop destructive spending.

The Homemaker's Pledge is the equivalant of 
a fiscal Hippocratic oath: Do No Harm.  

To take the driver's seat of our economic lives, we need an instrument panel keeping us on track. 


Ready to vote for Life with your dollars? 

To bring this dream into material action - 
I give substance to my pledge.   I pledge to notice and record (how much  ?) destructive spending on FALSE FOODS.

signed                                                          date

We manage what we measure.  We can easily measure our support of the industries that do harm.  The continual awareness of our own dollars spent on destructive industry is our lever on taking command of our impact on the world.

genetically modified items, highly processed foods, synthetic ingredients, factory farmed meats and dairy, produce grown with chemical herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Solutions are at hand! 

Shop for organic foods.  Read labels and select only natural ingredients.   Join with friends to buy organic in bulk.   Meet your local farmers to acquire authentic animal foods.   Garden at home or join CSA for fresh produce.

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